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This is the personal webpage of Matt McGowen. I had grand designs for this page at one point. Oh well.

about me

I've been a software developer in the Bay area since 2012, working on music entertainment products at Soundhound (2012-2015) and Gracenote (2015-present.) My strengths are backend-oriented with a lot of work in C, C++, and python, but I can work in many environments and am a quick study. I am also involved in the SF Leather community and am an organizer in the Democratic Socialists of America. If you're making tech that helps people make the world better (or, if you can back up your claim that you're making tech that makes the world better,) drop me a line.



I'm on a bunch of social networks as selfesteemworks. Human beings can email me at matt (at) mcgowen (dot) biz. Other intelligent life can seek me out in San Francisco, California. Please no robots, regardless of intent.